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We are team members of Warfield Realty, LLC® who individually bring specific talents to the table, while collectively offering the best service, marketing, and insight in bringing buyers and sellers together in commercial investment real estate.

We have a responsibility to our God, families, team members, and our community.

We are dedicated, committed, and focused.

We make no excuses.  We are accountable.  Mediocrity is not an option.

We choose to live honestly, honorably, and with integrity.

We respect ourselves and all people.  We will choose the high road.

We believe in teamwork and each other.

Good markets or bad, as Trustees of the Land, we must constantly rededicate ourselves to the excellence for which we strive. (From our Code of Ethics)

At Warfield Realty, LLC® we create our own luck and do not let the market determine our year.

We create unparalleled opportunities in the real estate field.

To us, volunteering is important and we believe in volunteering in our community.

Continuing education is a way of life at Warfield Realty, LLC®.

We embrace technology and use it to benefit those whom we serve.

Warfield Realty, LLC® has a culture of growth which is constantly improving.

We at Warfield Realty, LLC® are constantly growing personally and professionally. 


Robert L. Wright II, Broker  |  3501 Emerson Avenue  |  Parkersburg, WV 26104