Our Services

At Warfield Realty, LLC, we represent developers of large multi-use projects, buyers and sellers of office buildings, retail centers, apartment projects, warehouse facilities, as well as corporate tenants.

View of downtown Parkersburg, WV


We act on behalf of companies, institutions, and individuals to acquire or sell commercial real estate. We forecast real estate trends and evaluate opportunities to determine the best location possible under the most favorable terms available.

View of downtown Parkersburg, WV


We provide landlords with property-specific leasing services that improve tenant retention, maximize rental rates, enhance asset value, maximize cash flow, and decrease carrying and transaction costs. 

We help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements.

View of downtown Parkersburg, WV

View of downtown Parkersburg, WV


We provide long-range strategic planning, asset and investment strategy, and program and project management consulting services.

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